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Helmholtz Research School
Mechanisms and Interactions of Climate Change in Mountain Regions

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What we offer

MICMoR offers supplemental funding for up to 30 doctoral students from a climate change background performing their research in the MICMoR environment. National and international PhD students with a disctinct orientation of their PhD topic towards interdisciplinary research at the interfaces of atmosphere-biosphere and pedo-/hydrosphere processes can apply for a fellowship.

Two kinds of Fellowships are offered: Resident Fellows, typically recruited from KIT or one of the partner universities, will participate in the MICMoR research training activities, and also conduct their dissertation research project with a focus on the TERENO-prealpine observatory region. Associate Fellows will be enrolled in a graduate programme at a university abroad and will pursue a dissertation projects with a thematical connection to MICMoR, but no direct relation to TERENO-prealpine observatories. They will also participate in all MICMoR research training activities

Resident Fellowships include

  • Fully supported participation in a research training programme in climate change disciplines.
  • A top-level research environment & infrastructure at IMK-IFU and partner institutions, e.g. at TERENO pre-Alpine Observatory
  • Sponsorship of conference participation and research visits abroad.
  • Structured mentoring through a Thesis Advisory Committee.
  • Stimulating work within a scientific community network and exchange with international experts.

In close cooperation with the partner institutions TUM, LMU, DLR, HMGU and the Universities of Augsburg, W├╝rzburg and Bayreuth, and thanks to its staff of internationally-recognised and highly rated expert scientists in climate change disciplines, MICMoR offers a world-class and unique research environment for PhD students to study past, present and future changes of the climate system.

We invite all interested national and international doctoral students (current or prospective) from the field of Climate Change research to apply. If you would like to be part of a research network with renowned research institutions at the cutting edge of regional scale climate research, and to work in collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches, then we look forward to receiving your application.

For details on application requirements see here.

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