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Mechanisms and Interactions of Climate Change in Mountain Regions

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Visiting Scientists

Each year, MICMoR invites and partially funds an internationally known expert in Climate Change research for a sabbatical of up to 6 months. MICMoR Visiting Scientists work in residence at KIT/IMK-IFU, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, or at one of the partner institutions. They advance their research and generally interact with the MICMoR Community, i.e. prepare and co-teach courses within the MICMoR Graduate Program (e.g. Summer Schools, Technical Short Courses, Spitzenforscherwerkstatt), discuss dissertation projects and work with MICMoR Fellows on a hands-on basis.

Suggestions or applications for MICMoR Visiting Scientists should be directed to the MICMoR Coordination Office and should include:

  1. a motivation letter stating the interest to become a MICMoR Visiting Scientist and how the scientist fits within the MICMoR research framework
  2. a full CV with publications and teaching experience
  3. an outline of potential courses within the MICMoR Research School
  4. an intended time frame for the scientist's stay at KIT/IMK-IFU or the partner institution


MICMoR Visiting Scientist in 2018:
Prof. Christine Goodale, Ph.D. 

Professor at the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology,
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA
Research Interests:
  • Effects of human activities such as air pollution, climate change, land-use change on the biogeochemistry of plants, soils and streams
  • Fate and impacts of atmospheric N deposition on forest growth, soil C stocks, and net carbon accumulation
  • Factors controlling the spatial and temporal patterns of watershed nitrogen retention
  • How legacies of past disturbances affect current rates of carbon and nitrogen accumulation
Academic Education:
1999: Ph.D. Natural Resources, University of New Hampshire, Durham, New Hampshire
1995: M.S. Natural Resources, University of New Hampshire, Durham, New Hampshire
1992: A.B. Magna cum laude, Biology/Geography and Environmental Studies, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire
Prof. Christine Goodale is the MICMoR Visiting Scientist 2018 at KIT/IMK-IFU. She will be the main responsible lecturer of the MICMoR Summer School on "Carbon-Nitrogen Interactions across Ecosystems and Scales" from 16-24 August 2018.

MICMoR Visiting Scientist in 2017:

Prof. Gabriel Katul, Ph.D. 

Theodore S. Coile Distinguished Professor of Hydrology and Micrometeorology,
Duke University, Nicholas School of the Environment,
Durham, North Carolina, USA
Research Interests:
  • Fluid mechanics and transport phenomena in natural systems
  • Turbulence within canopies, mass, energy
  • Momentum transfer from and within vegetated surfaces
  • Surface hydrology
  • Soil physics
Academic Education:
1993: Ph.D. University of California, Davis; Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
          Major: Hydrology; Minor: Environmental Fluid Mechanics.
1990: M.S. Oregon State University; Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
          Major: Water Resources; Minor: Hydraulic Engineering.
1988: B.E. American University of Beirut; School of Civil Engineering and Archictecture.
          Major: Civil Engineering; emphasis: Structural Engineering
Prof. Gabriel Katul was the MICMoR Visiting Scientist 2017 at KIT/IMK-IFU from June to October 2017. He was the main responsible lecturer of the MICMoR Summer School 2017 on "Transport phenomena and the limits of life in the biosphere" from 9-18 August 2017.
The main lectures of the MICMoR Summer School 2017 are available on the KIT Campus Alpin YouTube Channel.

MICMoR Visiting Scientist in 2016:

Gretchen Gettel, Ph.D. 

Senior Lecturer in Aquatic Biogeochemistry
Department of Water Science and Engineering,
UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education,
Delft, The Netherlands
Research Interests:
  • Role of aquatic ecosystems in nitrogen and carbon processing at catchment scales;
  • Controls of denitrification and nitrogen fixation in lakes and wetlands;
  • The role of reservoirs in controlling nutrient stoichiometry of riverine export;
  • Effects of agricultural intensification on wetland biogeochemistry and nutrient retention, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa
Academic Education:
2005-2008: University of New Hampshire, Postdoc
2006: Cornell University, PhD, Biogeochemistry
1998: University of Minnesota, MSc, Water Resources
1993: Boston University, B.A., Biology with specialization in Marine Science
Dr. Gretchen Gettel was the MICMoR Visiting Scientist 2016 at KIT/IMK-IFU from April to October 2016. She was the main responsible lecturer of the MICMoR Summer School 2016 “Biogeochemical processes at the terrestrial-aquatic interface”, which took place from 3-12 August 2016. 
MICMoR Visiting Scientist in 2015:

Prof. Gil Bohrer, Ph.D.

Associate Professor for Ecological Engineering
Department of Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering,

The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA
Research interests: 
  • Develops physical and empirical models of the interactions between individual biological organisms and atmospheric and hydrological processes.
  • Develops new approaches to parameterization of the effects of small-scale heterogeneity on surface fluxes, on water movement from the soil through plants to the air, and on advection and dispersion of VOCs and particulate matter
  • Uses a range of models from high-power parallel large eddy simulations to simple empirical models
  • Runs meteorological and eddy-flux observations in forests and wetlands to provide the needed information to force, parameterize and evaluate models of green-house gas budgets of ecosystems and the effects of small-scale heterogeneity and intermediate disturbance on these fluxes
Academic Education:
2007-2008: Harvard University Center for the Environment, Postdoc
2007: Duke University, Ph.D., Civil & Environmental Engineering
2001: Ben Gurion University, Israel, M.Sc., Ecology
1998: Ben Gurion University, Israel, B. Sc., Life Sciences
Prof. Gil Bohrer was the MICMoR Visiting Scientist 2015 at KIT/IMK-IFU from June to November 2015. He was the main responsible lecturer of the MICMoR Summer School 2015 on “Modeling of Land-Surface xand Atmosphere Processes” from 16 to 27 August 2015.


MICMoR Visiting Scientist in 2014:
Prof. Ankur Desai, Ph.D.

Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences,
University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA

Research Interests:
  • Regional and global carbon cycling and biogeochemistry
  • Upscaling and downscaling land-atmosphere exchange observations and models in complex terrain and heterogenous regions
  • Eddy covariance flux measurements, land surface remote sensing, and ecosystem experiments for biosphere-atmosphere exchange
  • Role of surface forcing on atmospheric boundary layer dynamics
  • Feedbacks between climate change and terrestrial ecosystems
  • Ecosystem and climate model development, evaluation, and data assimilation
Academic Education:
2006: The Pennsylvania State University, PhD, Meteorology
2000: University of Minnesota, MA, Geography
1997: Oberlin College, BA, Computer Science and Environmental Studies

Link: Ankur Desai's homepage

MICMoR Visiting Scientist in 2013:
Prof. Stuart Bradley, Ph.D.

Department of Physics,
University of Auckland, New Zealand

Research Interests:
  • Acoustic remote sensing of atmospheric properties and of the structure of inhomogeneous materials
  • Atmospheric turbulent boundary layer dynamics and thermodynamics
  • Interaction of sound with turbulent fields
  • Urban canopy and boundary layer processes
  • Understanding of wind and turbulence for wind energy applications
  • Outdoor sound propagation
Academic Education:
1975: University of Auckland, PhD, Physics
1970: University of Auckland, MSc (1st), Physics
1969: University of Auckland, BSc, Physics
Prof. Stuart Bradley was a MICMoR Visiting Scientist at IMK-IFU from September till November 2013.
He gave the MICMoR Summer School on “Observations and experimental methods in an Inhomogeneous atmosphere: How to make sense of the atmosphere in mountainous regions (September 17-26, 2013, IMK-IFU).
MICMoR Visiting Scientist in 2012:
David J. Gochis, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist
Hydrometeorology Applications Program (HAP),
NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research),
Boulder, CO, USA
Research Interests:
Hydrometeorology, hydroclimatology, rainfall-runoff processes,
terrain-induced convection, land-atmosphere interactions,
hydrometeorological model development and testing,
field research in hydro-meteorology
Academic Education:
2002: Ph.D. in Hydrology and Water Resources, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, USA,
           Dissertation title: “Modeled sensitivities of the North American Monsoon
1998: M.S. in Bioresources Engineering, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, USA
1994: B.S. in Atmospheric Sciences, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, USA
Links: and
Article on David Gochis at NCAR News
Dr. David Gochis was a MICMoR Visiting Scientist at IMK-IFU in July 2012.
He gave the MICMoR Summer School on “Theory and practice in regional modelling - hydroclimatic analysis and prediction (July 10-18, 2012, IMK-IFU).