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Helmholtz Research School
Mechanisms and Interactions of Climate Change in Mountain Regions

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Climate Change imposes major challenges and threats on human-environment systems, particularly in mountain regions, with their pronounced sensitivity and vulnerability. Consequences may range from shifts in water abundance, winter floods, summer droughts and loss of biodiversity to reduced viability of winter tourism.

Due to the multi-facet complexity of Climate Change research, no single scientific discipline is capable of providing a comprehensive understanding of Climate Change interactions and impacts. Consequently, the development of a multi- and interdisciplinary research and training approach is required. This constitutes the motivation and objective of the MICMoR Research School.

MICMoR aims at strengthening the knowledge and expertise about processes and interactions at the interfaces of Atmosphere-Biosphere-Pedo-/Hydrosphere research (A-B-P/H) in complex mountain regions. Its research is carried out at the TERENO-prealpine observatory in Southern Bavaria, Germany.

Furthermore, MICMoR works towards filling the gap in structured programmes of research training within the context of Climate Change to train the next generation of environmental scientists.By both, training and research, MICMoR thus responds to the urgent need of stakeholders in government and economy for solid and comprehensive knowledge about climate change and its impacts on nature and society.