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Mechanisms and Interactions of Climate Change in Mountain Regions

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Prof. Dr. Jakob Mann

Professor of Wind Energy Meteorology at the Department of Wind Energy, Technical University of Denmark, Risø Campus, Roskilde, Denmark

Research Interests:
• Atmospheric turbulence
• Wind lidar development and measurements
• Wind ressource estimation

Mann, J., Pena, A., Bingol, F., Wagner, R., Courtney, M.S. (2010). Lidar scanning of momentum flux in and above the atmospheric surface layer. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 27(6):959–976, JUN 2010. ISI:000279103600002.

Bechmann, A., Sørensen, N. N., Berg, J., Mann, J., Re ́thore ́, P.-E. (2011). The Bolund experiment, Part II: Blind comparison of microscale flow models. Boundary-Layer Meteorology 141(2), 245–271.

Petersen, E. L. , Troen, I., Jørgensen, H.E., Mann, J. (2013). Are local wind power resources well estimated? Environmental Research Letters 8 011005 doi:10.1088/1748-9326/8/1/011005