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Helmholtz Research School
Mechanisms and Interactions of Climate Change in Mountain Regions

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Graduate Programme

MICMoR’s Graduate Programme wants to train a new generation of Climate Change scientists to excel at the interfaces in the expertise of Atmosphere-Biosphere-Pedo-/Hydrosphere research. This motivation is driven by the high demand of both research and industry, for well-trained scientists who are confident in their core expertise, but capable of reaching out to the interfaces between neighboring disciplines. These interdisciplinary competencies are crucial for being able to synthesize knowledge from a range of related fields and to plan solutions in complex systems. Besides interdisciplinarity,  MICMoR also strongly emphasizes internationality, e.g. through training young scientists in communication and cooperation with international colleagues and experts.

With its Graduate Programme, MICMoR offers young scientists a structured training in Climate Change disciplines which comprises scientific training (i.e. Summer Schools, Technical Short Courses), professional preparation (i.e. Transferable Skills Courses, cross-disciplinary collaboration) and exchange possibilities with other fellows, mentors and international experts (i.e. Research Forums, retreats, conference participation, research visits, Spitzenforscherwerkstatt).

MICMoR programme elements are:

One of the core elements of MICMoR’s graduate concept is mentoring and the mentor/mentee relationship. Our vision sees mentors and fellows as partners in a community of learners, and their relationship is ideally one of mutual benefit and support, based on trust and respect. Consequently, mentoring will enhance personal development and rear young talent: the mentors help their mentees to develop their personality and their skills.