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Helmholtz Research School
Mechanisms and Interactions of Climate Change in Mountain Regions

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MICMoR Fellows

As a MICMoR Fellow, i.e. a PhD student accepted for a MICMoR fellowship, you are at the very heart of the MICMoR Research School!

Whether you are a Resident or an Associate Fellow, we will encourage and support you in becoming a part of an international research community focusing on Climate Change research in mountain regions.

As a Resident Fellow you will be a PhD student at a German university, having been recruited from KIT or one of the partner universities. You will participate in all MICMoR research training activities and pursue your dissertation project in the TERENO-prealpine observatory region.

As an Associate Fellow you will be an international PhD student enrolled at a university abroad. You will pursue your dissertation project with a thematical connection to MICMoR, but no direct relation to TERENO-prealpine observatories. You will participate in the MICMoR research training activities.