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Mechanisms and Interactions of Climate Change in Mountain Regions

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Dr. Shawn P. Serbin

Assistant Ecologist, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Environmental and Climate Sciences Department, USA

Research Interests:

  • The exchanges of carbon, water and energy between terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere with a focus on scaling and model-data synthesis
  • Land surface remote sensing, leaf and imaging spectroscopy
  • Ecosystem ecology, plant physiological ecology, chemical ecology, and biochemistry
  • Land-use change and the impacts of disturbance on vegetation structure and functioning
  • Ecosystem process modeling and quantitative methods for informing models with observations and evaluating model projection uncertainty
  • Radiative transfer modeling in the optical domain and scaling
  • Global environmental change

Selected Publications:

Dietze, M.C., Serbin, S.P., LeBauer, D.S., Davidson, C.D., Desai, A.R., Feng, X., Kelly, R., Kooper, R., D.S., Mantooth, J., McHenry, K. (2014). A quantitative assessment of a terrestrial biosphere model's data needs across North American biomes. Journal of Geophysical Research – Biogeosciences, DOI: 10.1002/2013JG002392.

Serbin, S.P.
, Singh, A., McNeil, B.E., Townsend, P.A., (2014). Spectroscopic determination of leaf morphological, nutritional, and biochemical traits for northern temperate and boreal tree species. Ecological Applications. DOI: 10.1890/13-2110.1

Serbin, S.P.
, Dillaway, D., Kruger, E.L., Townsend, P.A. (2012). Leaf optical properties reflect variation in photosynthetic metabolism and its sensitivity to temperature. Journal of Experimental Botany, 63, 489-502.