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Helmholtz Research School
Mechanisms and Interactions of Climate Change in Mountain Regions

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Dr. Nadine Rühr

Senior Scientist, research group ‘Plant-Atmosphere Interactions’, KIT/IMK-IFU, Germany

Research Interests:

  • biogeochemical cycles of terrestrial ecosystems under changing environmental conditions
  • heat and drought impacts on the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum
  • linking the carbon and water cycle of forest ecosystems

Selected Publications:

Ruehr N. K., J. Martin, B. E. Law (2012), Effects of water availability on carbon and water exchange in a young ponderosa pine forest: above- and belowground responses. Agriculture and Forest Meteorology, 164:136–148

Ruehr N. K. and N. Buchmann (2010), Soil respiration fluxes in a temperate mixed forest: seasonality and temperature sensitivities differ among microbial and root-rhizosphere respiration. Tree Physiology, 30(2):165–176 doi:10.1093/treephys/tpp106

Ruehr N. K., C. Offerman, A. Gessler, B. Winkler, J. Ferrio, N. Buchmann, and R.L. Barnard (2009), Drought effects on allocation of recent carbon: From beech leaves to soil respiration. New Phytologist, 184(4):950–961