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Mechanisms and Interactions of Climate Change in Mountain Regions

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Dr. Matthias Zeeman

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Research group ‘Transport Processes in the Atmospheric Boundary-Layer’, KIT/IMK-IFU, Germany

Research Interests:

  • biosphere-atmosphere exchange processes at the local to regional scale
  • determination of the effects of disturbances in time (environmental change, management) on exchange processes and source-sink relations in the carbon, water and nitrogen cycles of ecosystems
  • mechanisms of turbulent exchange with the atmosphere

Selected Publications:
Zeeman MJ, Hiller R, Gilgen AK, Michna P, Pluess P, Buchmann N, Eugster W. Management and climate impacts on net CO2 fluxes and carbon budgets of three grasslands along an elevational gradient in Switzerland. Agric. For. Meteorol., 150:519–530, 2010.

Zeeman MJ, Eugster W, Thomas CK. Concurency of coherent structures and conditionally sampled daytime sub-canopy respiration. Boundary-layer Meteorol., 146, 1-15, 2013.

Zeeman MJ, High-resolution air temperature observations near the surface using fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing. ZENODO, (video)